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Tips for Designing an Engraved Logo

December 23/2013

One of the best ways to personalize small gifts and items is through the use of engraving.  Engraving is the art of creating designs by cutting grooves into hard surfaces. The traditional process was first invented centuries ago — and was used by various people, including goldsmiths, gunsmiths and artisans. But since then, the practice has undergone a sort of evolution — and traditional methods have been replaced by photographic processes and print machines.  Many people like to take designs they’ve seen elsewhere and get them engraved into signs, trophies and even jewelry. But if you’re looking for a more…

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The History Behind the Oscar

December 16/2013

Winning an Oscar is the epitome of cinematic accomplishment. There is no higher prestige for those in the film industry than clutching that golden statue. But did you know that the Academy Awards have a long and illustrious history dating back to the 1920s? The concept of honoring cinema’s greatest talents was dreamt up over the dinner table back in 1927. It was at the home of MGM’s studio chief, Louis B. Mayer. Mayer had three guests over for dinner that night — all of whom worked in the film industry. They were director Fred Niblo, actor Conrad Nagel and…

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How old is the Stanley Cup?

December 09/2013

When it comes to professional sports, the Stanley Cup has become one of the most recognizable trophies to date. But did you know that this iconic hockey award was once reserved for amateur leagues only? It wasn’t until much later that the Stanley Cup went to the “big leagues” — honouring excellence in professional hockey. Back in 1892, Canada’s Governor General, Lord Stanley, mused about the concept of recognizing and awarding hockey prestige. A year later, Lord Stanley’s wish came to fruition. Rumour has it he purchased a silver bowl for $50, and named it the “Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup”…

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How awards can impact employee morale

December 02/2013

Recognition-and-reward systems have been used for years in homes and public settings alike. Whether it’s acknowledging good behaviour in your children or praising your team for a job well done, no one can doubt the positive impact of commenting on the great performance of others. In the workplace, effective leaders are conscious of employee morale. And they are always looking for ways to boost morale whenever they can. It’s a proven fact in the business world that when workers are unhappy, it actually affects a company’s bottom line. When employees don’t feel inspired enough to actively participate in reaching the…

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