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Unique Ideas for School Awards

May 27/2014

Whether it’s for academics, athletics or some other notable accomplishment, school awards are a big part of the agenda for kids of all ages. They help create confidence and pride and give them something to strive for. Unfortunately, most school awards and the ceremonies that surround them can get a little stale. Here are a few unique ideas that will inject some fun into all types of school awards. Customize While the concept of receiving an award is enough to make kids happy on its own, providing customized mementos that are different from your run of the mill trophy or…

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The History of Trophies

May 20/2014

In modern society, awarding trophies for specific accomplishments is a common practice. Many of us may associate trophies with sporting events, but they are used for a variety of sporting and non-sporting awards. No one is really able to detail the history of the trophy with 100 percent accuracy, but here are some interesting tidbits that will give you an idea of why we value them to such a degree. Why We Use Them Way back when physical battles were commonplace, pieces of the loser’s armour may have been taken by the victor as a token. Today, we use trophies…

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Why Plaques Are Often Better Than Trophies

May 13/2014

When it comes to the world of awards, trophies, plaques and medals are probably the three most common choices. Trophies and medals have their place and will likely be around for years to come, but a plaque may provide more benefit to the organization handing out the award and the person receiving it. More Room for the Message When you hand out trophies, there is only a small number of characters to work with to say what you want to say. They are kind of like the twitter of awards. But with a plaque, you have more room to work…

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