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Simple Graphic Design Tips That Will Make Your Trophy Better

June 30/2014

Trophies have been used for hundreds of years to demonstrate gratitude and pride in this Designing a unique trophy can be quite the challenge but with some knowledge of basic graphic design concepts, creating the perfect award doesn’t have to be a headache. Unique Style Every designer should have their own unique style to call upon in order to really make their designs special. The best designers can often be recognized by their work alone with telltale styles and design aspects that reveal something of who created them. While each project you undertake will be unique it is this personal…

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How to Assess the Quality of a Trophy

June 20/2014

Trophies have been around for centuries and remain the most iconic way to acknowledge victory, success, and achievement in sports, academia, or even the workplace. There is nothing quite the same as receiving a tangible token of a job well done but not all trophies are made equal. When you award a valued employee or teammate with a trophy, you want to be sure it is the best quality it can be so that it will stand the test of time and serve as a fitting reminder of their achievement. Receiving an award is nice but receiving a cheap award…

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Charming Engraving Ideas for Your Trophies

June 10/2014

Choosing the right inscription for your trophy or award can be just as difficult as designing it. You want to communicate certain pieces of information but do so in a way that is different from everybody else without being so far outside the box that it seems out of place. A good way to decide on inscriptions is to start with the basics and then decide what extras you may wish to include as well as which items of information you can do without so here are the most common things included on awards and trophies: 1. Recipient’s name; 2.…

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Unusual and Unique Trophy Designs

June 03/2014

Trophies are a big part of all sports and many non-sporting events, but the standard design of a figure on a stand gets a little boring. You’ll have no trouble remembering what you did to earn the trophy, but if any organization wants to stand out from the crowd, a unique or unusual trophy design is the way to go. Custom Designed Trophies You might be able to look through catalogues and brochures to find some outside the box trophy designs, but if you really want to be unique, a custom design is probably the way to go. When you…

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