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Why Einstein Never Received a Nobel Prize for Relativity

August 26/2014

The Nobel Prize recognizes world class intelligence. Einstein’s world shaking work was awarded a Nobel Prize in physics in 1921. Surprisingly, the board chose to recognize how he advanced the law on the photoelectric effect. So why was Einstein denied the award for relativity? Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_Prize Einstein: smarter than you think Outside of his work on relativity, the famed professor contributed in a number of ways to research and invention. For example: theory of critical opalescence zero-point energy the Einstein refrigerator the unified field theory In addition, Einstein published several books, some written on philosophy. Education, his own and everyone…

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Which Actors Have Taken Home the Most Academy Awards

August 19/2014

The first Academy Awards began in 1929 and has presented thousands of awards since. Some actors are excluded from the Awards year after year despite exceptional performances, while others can claim more than a couple of awards for their work. Forty actors fall under the second category, each one bringing exception talent to their roles. Read on to see which winners you recognize! The peerless Katharine Hepburn Her body of work stands out among the Hollywood greats and because of that she holds the most Academy Awards of any actor. From 1932 to 1981, her films has earned her 4…

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Trophies and Space: How to Display Your Awards Without Cluttering Your Home

August 12/2014

Ceremonies, photos, handshakes give award winners the acknowledgement they deserve! Having peers and your local or professional community recognize personal contributions makes the work worthwhile. Awards are great for the resume and sometimes come with a prize, but what happens after the events wind down? After the fanfare dies, the trophy or medal finds its way home with you. What do your awards say about you? Take a look at your awards. Some of them will be more meaningful than others. A childhood certificate can be a token of a memorable personal milestone that some people want to share with…

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Ideas for Arranging Your Trophies

August 04/2014

Are you one of those lucky few that seem to succeed at everything you do? Is your office or home bursting at the seams with awards, plaques, trophies, and other commemorative items that recognize your success? Looking for a way to organize all of your past achievements in a creative and decorative way? Check out some of these ideas to get you from clutter to cleanliness in a matter of a weekend! Trophy Shelf: Only have one or two awards you wish to share with your guests? Try a simple storage solution and showcase piece, a floating shelf. Choose a…

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