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4 Must-Join Scarborough Sports Leagues for Kids

September 26/2014

Sports are a part of a well-rounded child’s life. Having fundamental athletic skills is both important as a child and later on as an adult, as both team building skills and hand-eye coordination are nearly always superior in people who had played on team sports as a child. Scarborough offers a variety of sports for children! Here are the standouts. Bounce your way to success Scarborough Basketball Association is a registered non-profit organization with 10 years of experience. It is run and coached by volunteers, and the club has both girls and boys teams at different ages and skill levels…

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The Most Expensive Trophies in Sports

September 17/2014

Professional sports are multi-billion dollar industries. From global franchises to jaw-dropping salaries, fans and companies are willing to pay what it takes to see their team make it to the top! When the best teams dominate their franchises, it’s only natural we honour them with the biggest and best trophies in sports. The Super Bowl Trophy The famous jeweler Tiffany is commissioned to make this special prize for the National Football League each year. To match the prestige of the Super Bowl, the trophy has several distinct characteristics: ● It towers over typical trophies at nearly 2 feet tall ●…

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World’s Most Important Fashion Prizes

September 02/2014

Designers of luxury goods and recognizable fashion brands all started somewhere. The path to success in the fashion world is a difficult one and contracts are difficult to secure. Fashion awards can launch a designer from obscurity into the height of spotlight! Having captured the attention for a moment, the artist makes the most of their time. In make-or-break moves, budding designers attempt the treacherous climb to the top. A modest prize but a great start The International Festival of Fashion & Photography – Hyeres, is held when heavy-weight competitions aren’t. This annual festival takes place during April to May.…

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