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Can I Repair My Own Trophy?

March 25/2015

When a trophy suffers from damage, many people try to repair it themselves. This isn’t necessarily in your best interest if you intend to keep the trophy around as long as possible, as proper bonding techniques and finishing are often executed improperly when done by untrained personnel. If the trophy is unique, older in age, or the repairs are rather difficult to conduct on your own, then having it repaired by professionals is the best option. What Repairs Are Best Handled by a Professional? Certain repairs are better off handled by a specialist, someone who has been creating and repairing…

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Designing Unusual Trophies

March 19/2015

Trophies are a wonderful way of showing a person or persons that they made a difference, completed a difficult task, or won a competition. It’s a simple and classic gesture made so that those receiving them can visibly display their achievement. Some trophies are classic and sleek designs, while others are funny or even a little strange. When you’re in need of extraordinarily unique trophy designs, there are many of them to sift through. These unique designs are wonderful for certain events and occurrences where young children might be winning the awards. They’re also great to give out at comedy…

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How Are Crystal Awards Created?

March 12/2015

Crystal awards are often unique creations of art that make great show pieces. These awards are usually chosen because of their sleek, classy designs. The way the glass is formed into shape will depend on the type of glass it is. Nonetheless, the glass is usually hand blown. While hand molding, the glass artist will cautiously shape it into form. Each creation is unique and cannot be replicated completely. Air bubbles often create individuality between each glass award. When engraving or etching is desired, the specialist will use abrasive materials and other tools. Sometimes sand is blasted into a stencil…

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5 Reasons Your Trophy Colour is Fading

March 04/2015

After years of having a trophy displayed, you might notice that the colour has faded. Trophies will almost always acquire some kind of visual changes as time goes by. Other than small dings and nicks from moving it around, faded colour is another familiar issue. A professional will be capable of repairing the trophy, giving faded colour’s a fresh coat of paint or otherwise enhanced accordingly. There are some things that you can do to sustain the trophy’s colour over time. In order to keep the colour intact you should be aware of what causes it to fade. Listed below…

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