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Time for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

December 09/2016

Yes it’s that time of year again. Join the biggest holiday party craze and host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! The Christmas sweater, once thought to be tacky, now has made a huge comeback! It is actually hard to find the authentic 80’s sweaters. Party goers have no choice but to create their own or some other version of ugly Christmas attire. Check out these Tips for Throwing an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! It might just save everyone’s sanity over this busy season and will be a great stress-reliever with all of the laughs it will be sure to get! Enjoy!…

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Rewards and Recognition: Two Highly Effective Ways To Motivate Your Employees

December 05/2016

by Ernie Capobianco — Oct 9, 2014 In Entrepreneur Retaining quality employees can be a challenge. High turnover not only affects morale, but your company’s bottom line will take a hit too. It’s incredibly inefficient to train new people or get them up to speed. It taxes existing staff, and there’s an obvious cost in time and money of procuring new people. So how do you motivate existing employees and keep them hungry and passionate without necessarily giving them substantial pay increases or bonuses? How do you increase employee engagement, and more importantly, loyalty? Motivate them with a chainsaw. I’m sure…

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