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Silly Awards and Certificates

May 22/2015

Honouring the members of your company, organization, or sporting team is an exciting event for everyone, but sometimes the usual presentations can still become stale over time. You can keep your awards ceremonies interesting and fun by incorporating silly awards and certificates. These are great ways to recognize people for accomplishments, habits, and events for which they may not expect an award in the first place. Silly awards and certificates help make any event more enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. The following are just some examples you can use! Peacock Award Every group has one or two people that…

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Designing Unusual Trophies

March 19/2015

Trophies are a wonderful way of showing a person or persons that they made a difference, completed a difficult task, or won a competition. It’s a simple and classic gesture made so that those receiving them can visibly display their achievement. Some trophies are classic and sleek designs, while others are funny or even a little strange. When you’re in need of extraordinarily unique trophy designs, there are many of them to sift through. These unique designs are wonderful for certain events and occurrences where young children might be winning the awards. They’re also great to give out at comedy…

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