3 Unique Ways to Display your Trophy Shelf

You’re proud of your awards and, naturally, you want to display them to serve as a reminder to you of what you have accomplished. A trophy shelf can also allow others to see the awards you’ve been given over the years.
Finding a unique way to display your trophy shelf can make your awards even more special. There are countless ways to showcase your trophies, so choosing the best one for you can be tricky.
Here are three unique ways to display your trophy shelf!

The Zig Zag Shelf

This shelf can be used for many different purposes; books, candles, and other decorative pieces fit in nicely.

But the shelf also makes a truly unique trophy display for you to use. It’s built using oak plywood with iron components and veneer.

The wood is stained and finished with amber shellac and amber dye to give it a warm tone that highlights any trophy you place on it. Its unique structure is truly a one-of-a-kind display that will work great for your trophies.

Ice Skate Trophy Shelf

One of the most unique ways to create your trophy shelf is to use accessories from a given sport.

For example, ice skating or hockey awards can be complimented using the ice skates themselves. They can be used to bookend the trophies on your shelf or attached to the underside of the shelf using the blades and some easy-to-find installation accessories.

Don’t limit this approach to ice skates. Consider how a baseball, golf club, or pool cue could be used as an integrated part of your new trophy shelf.

Make a Statement With Your Trophy Shelf
Another unique way to display your trophy shelf is to create a customized piece that has a quote, motto, or other text on it.

Some shelves are available that have graphics and lettering to make your own unique designs. Using a UV printer, manufacturers can provide you with the your very own trophy shelf that is unique to what you believe in.
Multiple hooks can hold medals in addition to the trophies placed on the shelf. Using simple picture hangers, you can easily install this anywhere. The text on your trophy shelf can also be customized using different colors and fonts.

These are just a few unique ways to display your trophy shelf! You can get creative and use old sports equipment as an accessory to your trophies. The Zig Zag shelf can also give you an idea for a totally new way to display awards.

These will give you great ways showcase your accomplishments for years to come.

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