5 Examples of Eco-Friendly Awards

With more attention being paid to the environment it is always a nice idea to demonstrate your appreciation for employees without using important resources or creating dangerous by-products. For this reason, a whole range of eco-friendly awards have popped up. These are made from organic, recycled, and reclaimed products such as wood, glass, and stone.

1. Wood Plaques:

Our own Eco-Friendly Plaques are a great example of sustainable awards. Made of solid bamboo which is FSC certified and harvested from an organically-grown, managed forest without pesticides or fertilizers, they are manufactured with Soybond, a non-toxic bio-based adhesive free of urea-formaldehydes. Available in 4 styles, these awards are made of recycled content and renewable resources and packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging materials.

2. Recycled Glass:

Another beautiful and unique eco-friendly award is this recycled glass award. Made from 91% recycled glass, this piece is 7” x 5” with an etch area of 4” x 3”.  Glass is a great sustainable resource because it can be fairly easily melted down and reused time and time again. It also looks great and makes a dramatic statement!

3. 3-Dimensional Wood:

This stunning 3-dimensional wood statue is not only a lovely piece but is also made entirely from quickly renewable and sustainable resources. The charming carved nature and beautiful wood grain make it an award that any employee would be proud to display for years to come.

4. Crystal with Wood Base: 

A lovely piece, the base of this award is made of reclaimed black walnut trees salvaged from British Columbia’s fertile Fraser Valley. A highly sought after and widely coveted wood, these reclaimed pieces are as beautiful as they are rare. The wood is naturally dried for up to a year and then polished with naturally derived Tung Oil for a lustrous appearance. This award has a beautiful organic style and emphasizes your company’s commitment to the environment.

5. Cultured Stone:

Made of 70-100% pre- and post- consumer recycled stone, these awards are a beautiful eco-friendly option. Large in size at 8” x 6”, they feature a large etch area of 7” x 4.5” as well as a significant weight which helps make them feel valuable and special.

So now that you have seen how fabulous eco-friendly awards can be, why would you ever opt for plastic again? Instead of plastic choose a work of art that will properly communicate your respect and appreciation for your employees and be cherished for years to come.


  • Bette Brooks

    June 8, 2015 - 1:13 pm

    I have a number of glass awards that I do not want to take with me in a move. Do you accept and recycle old awards? If not, do you know how they can be disposed of?

    • Hoult-Hellewell

      June 10, 2015 - 12:53 pm

      Hello Bette,
      Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately we cannot recycle old glass awards and are not sure where they can be disposed of.
      Sorry we couldn’t be of any help and good luck on your move.
      Thanks again,

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