5 Great Trophy Display Designs

Receiving trophies and awards is a surefire way to feel good about yourself and your achievements but once the ceremony is over, many people simply shove the award on a shelf somewhere and forget about it. Wouldn’t it be better to have a dedicated place to store your awards so that you can remember the pride you felt? Here are some inspiring trophy display designs to help you choose a style to fit any décor.

Full-length Trophy Shelf & Hat Rack

This shelf stretches the entire length of the wall and features lots of storage space for awards, pictures, and trophies as well as hooks below for hanging medals and sports memorabilia. A dramatic statement piece with its clean lines and modern appearance, this shelf suits any décor or style and could easily be created in just about any color or wood stain you desire. A simple but elegant solution, it is a great choice for kids bedrooms or dorm rooms. Design by: Braswell Company.

Split-level Shelving

This set of split-level shelves is a great way to make the most of the short wall behind the desk while creating enough display space for several awards, pictures, and mementos. Great for a teen or kids bedroom or any modern space, the clean lines of this display allow attention to focus on what matters: the items on display. Design by: Hufft Projects.

Individual Shelves

This amazing display is an extremely fun way of displaying just about anything. Shown here with a variety of collectible toys, this design could easily be adapted to memorabilia, trophies, or any other small item you wish to display. A great way to take up blank wall space and give a plain room some extra color, this can easily be adapted to fit into little nooks and crannies and otherwise useless space. Photo by: Lindsay von Hagel.

Built-in Trophy and Awards Space

A more traditional display option, this built in desk and storage set features several shelves to store book, awards, trophies, knickknacks, and mementos in an elegant home office. The stained wood adds elements of class and sophistication and the awards blend tastefully into their surroundings. Design by: Hamilton Gray Design.

Glass Display Case

This classic display case can be seen in high schools and corporate environments. It has great versatility and is great for families with younger children as it features sliding glass doors to keep your important mementos away from dust and curious kids.

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