5 Reasons Your Trophy Colour is Fading

After years of having a trophy displayed, you might notice that the colour has faded.
Trophies will almost always acquire some kind of visual changes as time goes by. Other than small dings and nicks from moving it around, faded colour is another familiar issue. A professional will be capable of repairing the trophy, giving faded colour’s a fresh coat of paint or otherwise enhanced accordingly.

There are some things that you can do to sustain the trophy’s colour over time. In order to keep the colour intact you should be aware of what causes it to fade.
Listed below are some common reasons why color might fade:

  1. You have the trophy placed near a window or under strong UV rays. Light will always make color fade faster than usual.
  2. The trophy is being cleaned with harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Try to use soft damp slightly soapy clothes. Acrylic materials will especially suffer from faded colour if cleaning products are used on it.
  3. Metals will tarnish when it is improperly cleaned or cared for. Polish metal with a soft, clean cloth and use a baking soda and water solution.
  4. You might have the trophy placed next to excessive airflow. When near an open window, fan or vent, the consistent blowing of air will fade the colour.
  5. Wood will fade for several reasons: You could be handling it often, the stain could have faded quickly, or it could have been exposed to excessive moisture. Polish the wood often and keep it free from dust. Don’t let the wood get wet.

If your trophy collection is something you take great pride in, always care for it appropriately! By cleaning it lightly with a soft cloth and the right cleaning products, you will prevent the colour from fading too quickly. Never place the trophy in a breezy or sunny area of the room, and put it up high so that it’s safe.
When your trophy does acquire damage or colour fading, take it to a specialist. Don’t try to repair it yourself. You may end up causing the trophy even more damage if you are unsure of what you’re doing.
A specialist will have all of the relevant tools and equipment to fix it the way it should be fixed, making it look new again before it’s displayed back in your home or office!

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