6 Tips For Throwing An Office Award Ceremony

An office award ceremony is a special time where people who work for the company are recognized for their good attributes to the business. It is important to hold these ceremonies so that those who have been working hard within your organization can be recognized and can get a sense of accomplishment for all that they’ve achieved. It lifts office moral, and even gets those who may not have tried their hardest throughout the year to participate more going forward so that they can be included in the next ceremony!

Before you throw an office award ceremony, you want to have it planned appropriately. You’ll need to find a good time to throw the ceremony, as well as a large room or area to hold it. Of course, it’s cheaper if you can find a way to throw it in your own office rather than renting an external location.

Regardless of where it’s held, if you follow the tips and advice below, your event will go off without a hitch!

  1. Have a budget in mind.
    You don’t want to go too overboard with the award ceremony, but you want to make it memorable and fun. Try to set a reasonable budget beforehand so you can ensure your event isn’t affecting profitability.
  2. Have a place such as a stage or podium where those being recognized can stand before everyone else.
    While this may seem trivial to some, it adds an element of excitement for those accepting awards in front of their peers.
  3. Have awards designed for the big day!
    While it’s always nice to be acknowledged for the work being done, it’s even nicer to have a takeaway for that work. Have an award created specifically for your company using your logo or general themes of your business. Where gasoline corporations may want a trophy of a car, educators may want a plaque with their school’s crest on it.
  4. Make sure that you have the lighting and audio ready.
    The proper lighting and light background music always sets the mood for an office award ceremony. You can even have a playlist pre-loaded on an iPod for convenience and to cut costs on a DJ.
  5. Record the entire event.
    Have a recording of the office ceremony. You can hire an external source or simply ask someone at the company to film while employees receive their awards. Then, if you wish, you can replay the entire ceremony for those who weren’t able to make it.
  6. Have the ceremony catered or have food and drinks prepared for afterwards.
    When everyone is done receiving their awards, have food and drinks put out for everyone to take advantage of.

It is always best to prepare ahead of time for a ceremony of any kind. Music, visuals, a stage or podium, chairs, tables, awards, and food should all be a part of the celebration. Your employees will be thrilled that you had taken the time to acknowledge their efforts and will be encouraged to work hard to earn their own award at your next ceremony!

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