A Complete List of Spring/Summer Sports in Toronto

Spring is right around the corner (finally!) and spring/summer sports season is coming up soon. Here are a list of some sports you can play in the city that won’t take a bite out of your monthly budget.


See about getting a membership to your local YMCA or think about hitting the Beaches for a swim once the weather gets a little warmer in July and August.


Give High Park a visit if you’re looking for a place to kick around a soccer ball. There’s tons of space and the people are so nice that you might even find yourself with some friendly opponents.

Ultimate Frisbee

Bring some friends down to the dog bowl at Trinity Bellwoods park for a great game of Ultimate Frisbee. This is a great sport because you don’t have to be a superb athlete, you just have to have a good attitude.


Basketball is a popular sport around the city during summer months and a number of community centers offer drop-in basketball nights for specific age groups. Look around to finds the closest one to where you live.

Floor hockey

The only bad part about summer is that hockey season is over. Never fear! There’s always floor hockey for those of us who can’t wait for the fall. Also called “ball hockey,” there are many places around the city that offer programs, lessons, or drop-in times.


The best place in Toronto to play tennis has to be Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club. Located at the corner of Spadina and St. Clair Ave. West, it has the most beautiful courts and the best reputation. It’s a little pricier than the other sporting locations but if you’re serious about improving your serve, give it a try.


The beach on Toronto Island is a great place to play volleyball but if you’re afraid of getting a sun burn, check out an indoor volleyball club in the city. The crowd pleaser these days is Beach Blast, located close to Lawrence and Dufferin. If nothing else it’s a place to practice your moves before showing them off in a public place.


Christie Pitts park is the perfect place to have a softball game with some of your friends. Just check the schedule though, because sometimes there are other teams who have the same idea.

Now that you know of all the fun sporting activities this city has to offer, you have no excuse not to check them out! Break out your exercise gear and get yourself fit and ready to take summer 2014 by storm!

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