Alternative Uses for Plaques

When most people think of plaques, they generally think of them as awards of recognition for one accomplishment or another.

It could be for scholastics, sports, or a job well done—but recognition is only one way to make use of a plaque! There are a variety of other commemorative uses for them.
Here is but a small list of alternative uses for plaques:

    • Grand Openings

Give your new business or building the recognition it deserves with a sleek plaque commemorating the date of opening. Display it at the entrance so people know how long you have been going strong!

    • Historic Buildings

Looking to preserve a building for historical significance? Attach a smart plaque in the front stating the meaning of important landmarks!
Whether it was the first post office in town or the original city hall, it’s always nice to see what the building was originally created for before the construction of coffee shop or the conversion to condos.

    • Occupational Milestones

A great way to motivate employees and moral is to offer recognition based on hard work and accomplished milestones. Try recognizing employee of the month, along with 5, 10, 25 year and retirement plaques to show their value to the company.

    • New Job Titles

If you want to spice up the office with functional and beautiful art, try using plaques to adorn office doors engraved with personnel names and job titles.
It will look both charming and professional, and will make employees feel a sense of belonging and importance.

    • Memorial Plaques

After the loss of a loved one, often people look for a way to honor the deceased. Try dedicating a bench, tree, or a special place to your loved one marked with a plaque that includes their name, pertinent years, and a quote or phrase that reflects their spirit.

    • Historic Events

A great way to mark a date or historic event is by erecting a memorial site either where the event took place or somewhere significant and related to honour the event.
This can be done for battles, treaties, world firsts, fallen heroes, local events and more. It helps recognize the importance of local and global places that have helped shape the world we live in.

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