Best Way to Organize your Trophies at Home

If you are an athlete, decorated scholar, or someone else who is continually presented with an array of awards, trophies, and plaques—you may be trying to find a creative yet organized way to display your accomplishments.

Here are some great ideas on how to organize your achievements with flair:

    1. A trophy case

If you are a capable handyman or woman and enjoy building, a trophy is a great option.
Choose from an assortment of DIY designs and materials that will match your home décor.
It can be a wall mounted feature or a stand-alone shelving unit that displays your prizes with pride! Remember to consider weight and anchoring when preparing for your project.

    1. Wall of Fame

If a trophy case is out of the question due to lack of dedicated space, select a wall and make it your wall or hall of fame!
Fasten floating shelves for trophies and anchors for plaques and ribbons. It makes for beautiful wall art while boasting about your successes to guests that come by.

    1. The Man (Woman) Cave

Fancy yourself a sports enthusiast? Have you got a rec room or basement dedicated to your favourite big screen TV and sports memorabilia? Why not include your own trophies and awards alongside the fanfare of the big leagues!
It will look right at home and will have a dedicated place that won’t take up clutter or clash with décor through the rest of the home.

    1. The Medal Display

Creative minds and hands can fashion old wood and pegs into a medal/ribbon holder with some repurposing and new paint.

    1. Shadow Box

Looking to create a collage of photos, medals, plaques, and more? Try building a hanging shadow box with a glass or plastic panel for protection.
This project can be a DIY event or can be purchased online or in-store in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

    1. The Digital Display

If you want to display all of your accomplishments without the bulky space take over, take your digital camera and snap some pictures of all of your trophies, awards, and plaques. Be creative and have them printed in varying sizes for a collage or collections of framed photos, or upload them to a digital picture frame that will rotate the images throughout the hour. This will look sharp as an art installation while saving space as the real deals can be safely stored away.

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