Biggest Sporting Trophies

Trophies have been an iconic element of sports (and many other competitions) for centuries. The entire concept of trophies dates back to Ancient Greece and the Greek word “tropaion,” although back then, trophies weren’t the ornate and sparkling awards that they are today.
In the present day, Superbowl and Stanley Cup are two of the most well-known trophies in North America. That being said, they’re not necessarily the biggest or shiniest. In fact, they’re far from it!

To prove our point, check out our list of five ridiculously big trophies from all over the world.It’s a good thing that most of these trophies are only awarded to athletes, since we’re not sure if anybody else would be able to hold them!


1. The Emperor’s Cup
It makes sense that a trophy for a sport where being huge is the best advantage, would be this big. The emperor’s cup is awarded to the champion of the 15-day Kyushi Grand Sumo Tournament in Japan. The photo below features 7-time title holder Asashoru. Can you imagine having to pick that thing up!?

2. The Borg Warner Trophy
The Borg Warner trophy is awarded every year to the winner of the Indy 500, and is bigger than a lot of people! At 5’5 and a whopping 150 lbs, it’s no wonder that this champion decided to sit next to the trophy instead of holding it for his victory photo.

3. World Boxing Association Flyweight Champion Trophy
Now this is one trophy that is as ornate as it is massive!
When you consider that flyweight is the lightest weight category in professional boxing, this trophy seems even more preposterously big! It’s hard to imagine the trophies for the heavier weight divisions.

4. The Costa Del Sol Trophy
Can you believe that this goliath isn’t even awarded for a competitive season championship game? On the contrary, the Costa del Sol Trophy is awarded to the winners of an annual pre-season match in Malaga. In 2015, the Spaniards won it after winning against Everton 1-0.

5. Omega Mission Hills World Cup
The Omega Mission Hills tournament happens every second year in China. Each country is allowed to enter one team consisting of two golfers. It’s probably a good thing that two people win it at one time, because we’re not sure if one man would be able to hoist this thing up on his own!

While the bigger isn’t always the better, it most certainly is in the cases of these competitions.

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