Contests you can hold for your employees

Not all of us are working what we’d call our dream jobs and sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to stay enthusiastic about the work you do. Oftentimes we feel that the work we do or the extra effort that we put in goes unnoticed. A great way to motivate employees to do their best is to hold contest and give awards like plaques or trophies to those who put their best feet forward. Here are some great ideas for contents in the workplace:


Employee of the Month

An oldie but a goodie, everyone wants the chance to have employee of the month bragging rights. Get their photo put on a plaque and hang it by the front entrance so the whole office can see who is doing the best job.  Who doesn’t feel good when their boss recognizes how well rounded they are

Highest Sales

This award won’t work for every employment opportunity but if you work in an area of sales or business it’s absolutely perfect. You don’t have to give an award every month, but maybe every quarter or once a year.

Best Customer Service

Encourage clients who have had a great customer service experience to write an email or a comment on your website. Over time, take a tally and choose a winner. A great time to give a trophy for best customer service is at a staff Christmas party; that particular employee may not have had the best sales but they worked well with customers and that should be rewarded as well.


So often we feel that the longer we stay in one place the more quick-talking whipper snappers there are to replace us. This is not the case and employees who have been with one company for an extended period of time should be celebrated. Give your employees a token of appreciation for their loyalty with one, five, and ten year trophies.

Best Dressed

Last but not least, we should take the time to honour those of us with a strong sense of fashion. It takes work to look that good in the morning and once in a while it’s nice to hear that somebody noticed. Use a staff barbecue or a year-end meeting to tip your hat to the best-dressed member of your team with a personalized plaque.

These are great ways to motivate your employees but also to make them feel appreciated. Giving trophies is a small token of appreciation for the hard work your staff does but it’s a meaningful gesture and not one that they will quickly forget.

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