Designing Unusual Trophies

Trophies are a wonderful way of showing a person or persons that they made a difference, completed a difficult task, or won a competition. It’s a simple and classic gesture made so that those receiving them can visibly display their achievement. Some trophies are classic and sleek designs, while others are funny or even a little strange.

When you’re in need of extraordinarily unique trophy designs, there are many of them to sift through. These unique designs are wonderful for certain events and occurrences where young children might be winning the awards. They’re also great to give out at comedy award ceremonies and other similar junctures. Anyone with an artistic or humorous mind will enjoy funny and strange trophies that have been selected for an out-of-the-box ceremony.

The Different Materials Used to Create Exceptional Trophies
Trophies can be created out of various materials. These materials make all the difference in unique style and shape of the trophy. The material you choose should be in relation to who is receiving the award. For example, glass are typically not suitable for children.

Everything from the colour to the design of the trophy can help give it personality, making it comical or strange in nature.

The materials that trophies come in include glass, plastic and a variety of metals. Be conclusive with the decision you make and assure that it isn’t hazardous to those receiving them. When a unique trophy structure contains smaller pieces or sharper edges, this might not be in the best interest of young children.

Unique Trophy Designs
No matter what you’re celebrating, there are many diverse trophy designs available. For schools, recreation and educational programs, you can find nearly anything from uniquely shaped plaques to custom designed trophy toppers. It all depends on what you need the trophies for! Children are perhaps the easiest to please in such circumstances, and they appreciate the humor in strange and unusual trophy shapes.

For awards being granted to artists, hand blown glass trophies come in an array of colours and shapes. These trophies can be distinctive, sleek designs or in the shape of something related to their industry. They make beautiful display pieces for the home and offer their possessors uniqueness in comparison to the classic trophy style.

Other unique trophies might include ones in the shape of animals for small children, toppers custom made to look like the person receiving it, vibrant colours and odd designs, or even a creation of your own! Everything from the colour to the design, the material to the size can be selected to make your trophy different from all others.

If you’re looking for something new and unusual, the experts at Hoult-Hellewell can help you create something that will be treasured by the receiver for years to come!

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