Fun Facts about Banners

Banners were used as far back as the Old Testament. During the time of Moses, banners helped keep order among the people as they traveled across the desert to the Promised Land. Some were made of heavily adorned materials, others were simply long wooden poles topped with ornaments.
In ancient Rome, houses of nobility distinguished themselves by hanging banners with a coat of arms at the front entrances.

During the Middle Ages Knights used them to distinguish their prowess on the battlefield.

Today you will see sports banners of all sizes for all occasions. You can see them in gyms, bowling alleys, arenas and sports complexes all over the world.

The largest sports banner in the world was created by the fans of Uruguayan soccer club Nacional. They proved they’re the most dedicated fans in the world by creating it in their free time. The banner measured 600 by 50 meters (1,968 by 164 feet) it weights over 2 tones, and was able to cover literally half of the 25,000 people in Parque Central Stadium.

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