How about an Oscar Viewing Party?

It’s almost time for the Academy Awards!
=To celebrate the star-studded occasion, invite some friends over and kick off Oscar Sunday with your own at-home viewing bash. Here’s your guide to all the fun:

1. Invite Lots of Friends: Life gets busy. That’s why a big event like Oscar Sunday is the perfect opportunity to see all those friends you haven’t seen over the winter months.

2. Dress to Impress: There’s no need to go to Red Carpet, but it might be fun to get all gussied up like the stars for just one night. You can even roll out your own red carpet on the front porch (weather permitting).

3. Have a Feast of Food: Don’t go breaking the bank on this one. Do a potluck thing. Your friends will jump at the chance to impress others with their keen cuisines.

4. Award Your Own Oscar Statuettes: Hoult-Hellewell has the perfect size and price to fit any budget for these token awards. Hand them out as parting gifts . We guarantee they’ll place it on the mantle at their own home for a little while at least. Your party will still be on their minds long after it’s over.

5. Watch the Oscars Live: It’s the reason you’re all there, right? Enjoy the show, but more importantly, enjoy the company, food and fun!

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