How Are Crystal Awards Created?

Crystal awards are often unique creations of art that make great show pieces. These awards are usually chosen because of their sleek, classy designs. The way the glass is formed into shape will depend on the type of glass it is. Nonetheless, the glass is usually hand blown.

While hand molding, the glass artist will cautiously shape it into form. Each creation is unique and cannot be replicated completely. Air bubbles often create individuality between each glass award.

When engraving or etching is desired, the specialist will use abrasive materials and other tools. Sometimes sand is blasted into a stencil with tremendous force so that it creates the desired words or picture. This is usually the best way to go about etching and it is referred to as sand-blasting.

Different Types of Glass Awards
Depending on the shape being made, there are different kinds of glass that can be used to create the desired structure. Lead-free glass, colored glass, and other types all have their quirks and some are better used for specific purposes than others. For example, leaded glass is hard and heavier than most others.

When browsing through glass awards, understand that even if you order a specific product, they won’t all look identical when they are finished. However, many feel this gives unity to the awards, while still allowing everyone receiving them to have their very own special creation.

The glass awards are often sold in swooping rounded forms. Round, oval and swirled pieces of glass all intertwining with one another present very unusually pleasing results. Glass can also be cut and etched into shapes. Animals and other familiar shapes can be created. Plaques made of glass also make great awards that offer something completely unique for the receiver to take home.

Caring for a Glass Award
Keep in mind that glass awards will need to be cared for appropriately. Clean them with nonabrasive cleaners or even simply warm water and soap. It’s best to display glass awards high so that they are safe from harm, and keep them away from children to prevent both damage to the item and injury to the child. Giving glass awards to children isn’t generally a wise decision as they can chip, shatter or cut if handled wrongly.

If your glass award suffers from damages such as a chip or scratches, contact a specialist for repairs. They will have certain methods of making the award look new again.

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