How awards can impact employee morale

Motivated Employees

Recognition-and-reward systems have been used for years in homes and public settings alike. Whether it’s acknowledging good behaviour in your children or praising your team for a job well done, no one can doubt the positive impact of commenting on the great performance of others.

In the workplace, effective leaders are conscious of employee morale. And they are always looking for ways to boost morale whenever they can. It’s a proven fact in the business world that when workers are unhappy, it actually affects a company’s bottom line. When employees don’t feel inspired enough to actively participate in reaching the company’s goals, productivity takes a nosedive and sick calls go on the rise.

But one of the best ways to motivate employees is through the use of awards. Recognition from team supervisors and upper management is crucial in boosting morale. Awards can be in the form of framed certificates, beautiful trophies, or even a monetary bonus.

If you’re looking for ways to motivate your workers, read on to see why awards are a great motivator!

Reason to work harder

Psychologists say that people put more effort into tasks when they know there is an incentive waiting for them at the other end. Otherwise, what’s the point? Incentives don’t necessarily need to be in the form of a salary raise. Verbal compliments, promotions and extra autonomy are also considered valuable. When employees know they will be rewarded for outstanding performance, it makes them want to work harder to reach those company goals. Give your staff something to look forward to as they diligently work on their tasks each day.

Public recognition

Awards are often handed out at company functions where talented employees are praised in front of their colleagues. This gives workers a chance to shine and instill leadership values among their peers. Handing out awards for things like project completion and excellent teamwork can make your employees feel like stars. It also makes company parties so much more fun!

Sense of belonging

Some of the best companies to work for are the ones that make their employees feel like this is exactly where they belong. Coming into work doesn’t feel like a chore — but rather, a place to build friendships and foster personal development. Awards generate a sense of camaraderie amongst employees, making them feel as though they’re fighting together for a greater good. Whether it’s a trophy announcing ‘Employee of the Month’ or tickets to an afternoon round of golf, let your workers know that they deserve all the perks the company has to offer. And that their best efforts haven’t gone unnoticed!

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