How Corporate Rewards can Boost Morale

For most people working the same job day in and day out it can become tedious over time. Good incentives can be a great way to inspire and encourage your employees when raises and advancement are not practical options. Corporate awards are one of the best ways to let high performing employees know they are valued while providing motivation to lower performing employees. Happy employees are productive employees so a wise employer will hand out awards to all employees that deserve recognition. In fact, it is a well-known fact that unhappy employees will have lasting impact on a company’s bottom line.

Most people are hardwired to like receiving recognition for their work and nothing is as bad for company morale as working hard every day and feeling that your efforts are simply not noticed or appreciated. Acknowledging and rewarding the hard work of your employees, especially when they go above and beyond, is key to managing workplace morale and keeping your valuable employees working hard and efficiently. Happy employees who feel valued and appreciated are more engaged with their work and will demonstrate greater creative and problem solving skills as well as completing work more quickly.

There are many forms that this reward can take including:

  • Cash bonuses;
  • Trophies and plaques;
  • Commemorative watches and pins;
  • Personalized mugs, shirts, sweatshirts, travel mugs, mousepads, etc.;
  • Gift certificates to local shops, theatres, and restaurants; and
  • Work coupons for anything from additional vacation days to extended lunch breaks and better parking spots.

Cash bonuses often falls flat as a reward as your employees will likely simply spend the money on day-to-day expenses and forget about it. A trophy or personalized item will stick around longer and have a more lasting impact on their attitude towards their work and their place in your company. If you wish to reward an entire department a pizza party or catered lunch is often a great way to reward them and bring them together as a group through socializing and enjoying their success.

There are a variety of good reasons to hand out corporate awards to your employees:

  • Going above and beyond their job description;
  • Never missing a day of work;
  • Retiring after many years of excellent service to the company;
  • Working extended hours to complete an important project;
  • Exceptional teamwork; and
  • Completing projects ahead of time.

Next time you need to show your best employees that you recognize and appreciate their hard work, why not consider an eco-friendly plaque that will serve as a beautiful reminder of their success?

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