How To Arrange Plaques On Wall

Plaques are for people who cultivate enough skill to achieve something special during their lifetimes, and displaying them helps to remind you of your achievements and personal values. Putting plaques on display shows that you respect the acknowledgement by your peers, and, if done right, it demonstrates how you feel about yourself for anyone who can see where your plaques are hung.

Tip: always use a level to make sure your plaques aren’t crooked!

Sports plaques
Many people will dedicate one space to showcasing their awards, which generally makes good sense for most home decor. It helps other people understand the depth and duration of your achievement at a glance, and it also compartmentalizes the recognition.

Even if sports is a large part of your life, being able to engage in other activities shows that you’re well rounded and can relate to others beyond demanding praise.

You can sort your plaques based on a number of guidelines. Start by separating the different sports or competitions in which you participate regularly. Then, you can sort the awards by year. Or, if it makes more sense to you, you can simply arrange them chronologically to show how you divided your time during specific years. You may want to line the plaques up as best you can (hopefully the awards are similarly sized), forcing a line break at the end of each year.

For the more visually inclined, consider creating a gallery wall including plaques, photos from the important sporting events of each year, and other decorative items like framed ticket stubs to your championship games.

Awarding career excellence
Hanging up plaques for display in your office is a good way to signal to colleagues, management, and clients that you are committed to excellence. If you have more plaques than you know what to do with, many people resist from hanging them all up as it may seem unnecessary.

If you don’t want to come off too strong, choose only the ones that are the most meaningful to you, or ones with the most name recognition. Hang them up at eye level so they’re easy to quickly read by anyone entering your office, and make sure that you give them a dusting on a regular basis so they don’t appear neglected.

Taking a creative approach
If your plaques were rewarded in areas of art, marketing, or other creative endeavors, you may find the usual way of carefully lining up plaques to be boring. You can definitely cluster them for a more visually interesting appearance! The easiest way to create a gallery wall of your awards is to trace each plaque onto a piece of paper and cut them out accordingly. Then using tape, you can arrange the paper outlines until you have a clean, organized, and interesting structure. Move around your outlines until you’ve found your desired look, and finish by hanging the real deals.
There are countless ways to display your plaques without being boring! Consider these options and, if you have ideas of your own, share them with our Hoult and Hellewell team!

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