How to Build a DIY Trophy Case

Trying to find the perfect trophy case to house your awards, medals, plaques, and trophies can sometimes be a nightmare! First you must determine the space in your home you have to devote to it, then decide how big the case must be to encase all of your prized possessions, and lastly you must outline a budget that will suit your financial needs. One alternative to the over-priced, often garish, prefab display cases is to create your own. With some simple measurements, a collection of materials and tools and some elbow grease a beautiful and customisable display case is within reach.

  1. Choose a design. There are a range of simple shelving units to complex glass paneled door designs all available online or through your local hardware store. Choose a design that suits your needs and your skill level.
  2. Choose your materials. Most step by step instruction guides will tell you what type of materials are necessary to complete the task at hand. Some call for simple baseboard, others plywood or fir. Choose materials that will fulfil the design requirements and your budget. Remember most wood can be stained or painted to reflect your taste once the cabinet is erected. Make sure to pick up sandpaper, wood and glass glue, nails, wood screws and any other necessities before you begin.
  3. Collect your power tools. Most designs will require the use of one or more power saws (table, miter, circular, etc.) an electric drill, sander, and hammer. Be sure to assess what you need before you begin to avoid running into trouble!
  4. Measure and mark all lumbar to prepare for cutting. Measure twice, cut once. Once you are sure of your measurements, make all necessary cuts.
  5. Assemble your pieces. Mark all of your panels and attach all of your nailers, connect your panels, and secure all shelving. This is where you will need to exercise patience to ensure everything lines up with precision and caution when using power tools. Once the shelving is complete you will be adding the feet, begin construction of the top case, and attach the top and main case together. Add a back panel for increased sturdiness.
  6. Comes the finicky work of face trim and decorative (yet functional) doors.
  7. Be sure to check that all attachments are secured, rough edges are sanded smooth, and nails/screws are out of harm’s way. If you are satisfied with your work, it’s on to the final step…
  8. Sand, stain, and polyurethane! Add knobs to doors to suit your taste. When finish is dry place in your trophy room or man cave and enjoy!

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