How to Create a Trophy from Scratch

We often get phone calls asking if we can build a trophy with very specific details, or if we can repair or recreate a unique broken trophy. Whatever you have in mind, chances are that in nearly 60 years of business we’ve created a trophy just as unique and just as difficult!

We work hand in hand with some of the best in the industry to ensure that even the most specific of requests can be met. From creating unique plaques to creating economically-friendly trophies, we’ve had thousands of unique requests and continue to develop our custom portfolio!

Customized from the Top to Bottom
All of our trophies are completely customizable starting from the top down. In fact, our trophies don’t even need to be trophies. We can mount virtually anything and turn it into a trophy or plaque for your award.

In the past we’ve built trophies out of items like hockey skates or created a plaque that featured a fireman’s axe. We’ve also done a few more tricky items like draught beer taps or a golf ball ice cream sundae.

When it comes to the base for your trophy, we have a wide variety of plaques and stands to choose from, and offer multiple different ways to imprint your custom message and any graphics you require. We offer sublimation, silk-screening, sandblasting and engraving to ensure that you receive the highest quality work. Simply provide us with the camera-ready artwork and we’ll put it on your trophy!

From Cups to Crystal
If you’re looking for something even more elaborate, we work with numerous partners that specialize in designing or recreating a trophy from scratch. If you want your own miniature Stanley Cup, we can create a multi-layered base to go with the perfect bowl of your choosing. If you have a custom design you have in mind, we’ll work with your requests to make your vision a reality.

All trophies start with an idea. Whether you’re looking to create something suitable for a work-place display, a plaque to find home in a public park, or simply something to reward a young hockey team with at the end of the year, you can customize, duplicate, or emulate any award you can think of!
Contact us today to learn more about this customized process and to find out how to bring your ideas to fruition.


  • Steve ackerman

    April 29, 2015 - 2:12 am

    I want a specific trophy for my fantasy football league with a football on top and the word beefcake going down for the column connected to the base

    • Hoult-Hellewell

      April 29, 2015 - 9:20 am

      Hello Steve,
      Thank you for your comment on our blog. We have definitely created fantasy football trophies for many customers. If you could please send your inquiry through the “Contact us” link on our webpage, one of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist.
      Thanks again,
      Hoult-Hellewell Ltd.

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