How To Honor Your Graduate

High school graduation time is near and you couldn’t be more proud of your child! They’ve undergone 12 years of schooling and have made it to the final day. It’s important that you recognize this momentous time in their life.

Graduation marks one of the most important award ceremonies they’ll ever attend. From receiving athletic trophies to scholastic plaques and scholarships, the celebration of their accomplishments will be a memory they’ll have forever. However there are still a few additional things you can do to let them know how proud and happy you are for them.

Scrapbook or Keepsake Box

One wonderful way to honor your grad is by creating a keepsake for them. This could be done in many different ways, but a scrapbook is an easy go-to for projects like this.

In the scrapbook include certificates, awards, pictures, and other special mementos from their school years. You can do this project with them, or simply create one for them on your own.

Throw Them a Graduation Party

A party including family and friends, and fellow graduates will surely make your grad feel accomplished! Have food, games and pictures of the scholar around the area. It should be a fun and special event that makes the child feel good about their accomplishments.

Put Together a Slideshow

Put together a slideshow or video clips of the graduate when they were growing up until the day of graduation. It will show them that they are loved and even bring them back down memory lane as they move into their future. The slideshow can be presented in public or private, but many graduation parties have slideshows running during the duration of the party for everyone to view.

Have a Plaque Created

While some people will be honored with an award at commencements, many students will not. Having a custom plaque created to celebrate their accomplishments will ensure they don’t feel left out, even if they’re not honored alongside their more scholastically successful friends.

Attend the Ceremony and Invite Family

Attending the graduate’s ceremony is the best thing you could do for them! Having people stand and applaud for them while they receive their diploma is a feeling that only their close friends and family can give them. It is important that you have the day of graduation off of work and free of any other activity. The day of graduation is a huge moment in your child’s life.

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