How to Plan a Successful Awards Ceremony

Whether we’re talking about a recreational sports team or a professional office, there’s nothing quite like an awards ceremony to help motivate and encourage people to do their best.

Awards Ceremony

If you’re considering organizing an awards ceremony for a group that you’re involved with, here are a few tips to make the event a smooth-sailing success:

1.     Determine a Budget

Before you start planning your ceremony, it’s important to determine a budget. Decide how much money you’re able to spend, and then figure out how much of that budget you want to dedicate to awards, venue, entertainment, and anything else.

2.     Decide on a Vision

This is especially important if you’re working with a third-party event planner. Figure out what you want your event to look and feel like. Are you going for a high-class suit and tie event, or a more casual and fun environment? Will you be requiring any audio-visual effects like special lighting or a projector screen?

3.     Figure out How You are Rewarding Participants

Will you be honouring attendees by announcing their names, or giving out actual tokens of success like trophies, plaques, and certificates? If you will be opting for tangible awards, you’ll want to make sure you place an order with your local trophy provider as soon as possible—especially if you want to engrave awards with participants’ names.

4.     Find a Presenter (or more than one), and Decide on How Awards will be Given Out

Remember, the most important part of an awards ceremony, is showcasing the award winners. The presenter plays the biggest role in this. Will attendees be called up to the stage one at a time? Will the awards be presented by category, or in alphabetical order? These are all questions that should be answered.

5.     Keep the Environment Celebratory!

Planning a successful awards ceremony can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, but it’s important not to let that anxiety take a way from the true purpose of the event: to celebrate victories and successes! Even more important than fancy venues and special effects, if that you establish a positive and exciting environment. This is possible on any budget.

Can’t afford a fancy venue? Why not host the ceremony at your own home? DJ and videographer not in the budget? Make an awards ceremony playlist yourself, invest in a cheap set of mobile speakers, and ask a friend or participant to film the event on his or her smart phone.

Follow all these tips, and your awards ceremony is sure to be an award-worthy success.

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