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The Flame Series

Model Description Price
8300 Annual 3-column trophy with 2-tiers/ 24 " high $125.00
8301 2-column trophy with 2-tiers/19 1/2" high $48.50
8302 2-column trophy with 2-tiers/17" high $45.50
8303 2-column trophy with 2-tiers/16" high $42.50
8304 2-column trophy with 2-tiers/13" high $34.50
8305 10 1/2" high $20.50
8306 9 1/2 " high $13.75
Trophies and awards that are designed to your specific needs

A World-Class, Modern
20,000 Sq. Ft. Facility

The company is located in a 20,000 sq. ft. building to house an ever increasing and diverse service for trophies & awards. Corporate awards, school awards (both scholastic and athletic) , eco-friendly awards, ceremonial products, promotional products and incentive awards are just some of the items Hoult-Hellewell offers.

Memorable Awards/Trophies
Each memento can be individually tailored to capture the right words and sentiment appropriate for the occasion.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Customers can choose the amount of tiers and columns each trophy has, as well as from a variety of styles including classic, 3-D, starburst and cup.
Highly Professional Staff
Each can be engraved with a message of your choice so every superb sports win, academic achievement, magical musical performance.
Quality Control
We ensure that all of our trophies and awards meet the highest standards in quality and our QC is key to customer satisfaction.

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