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Trophies and Awards

Corporate awards , school awards (both scholastic and athletic), eco-friendly awards , ceremonial products, promotional products and incentive awards are just some of the items Hoult-Hellewell offers.

Classic Trophies & Sports Awards Toronto

“Old school”-type trophies and awards that you remember growing up with, are the ones that both children and adults alike continue to enjoy.

Whether you are looking for Hoult-Hellewell classic trophies for hockey, baseball, cricket, bowling or any other sport or activity, you will find them here.

We can customize any trophy here to represent your team, your style and your preferences. Custom sublimation makes the awards that much more special to its winners. We provide our services and products like Plaques & Trophies across Toronto and Scarborough.

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At Hoult-Hellewell, it is with great pride that our employees, with almost 50 years of combined experience in classic trophies & sports awards provides exactly what our customers’ ask of us. We have the largest selection of plaques, trophies and awards in Canada, where we offer services like laser and computer engraving & award designing. Also offer awards like, art glass and crystal awards, acrylic trophies, government and corporate awards.

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