Silly Awards and Certificates

Honouring the members of your company, organization, or sporting team is an exciting event for everyone, but sometimes the usual presentations can still become stale over time.

You can keep your awards ceremonies interesting and fun by incorporating silly awards and certificates. These are great ways to recognize people for accomplishments, habits, and events for which they may not expect an award in the first place.
Silly awards and certificates help make any event more enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. The following are just some examples you can use!

Peacock Award
Every group has one or two people that just have to spread their feathers any chance they get. That’s a nice way of saying they like to show off.
The Peacock Award is one way to have a little fun with the most boastful members of your organization. You can also safely assume that they’ll be proud to receive (and talk about) this honour.

The Know-It-All Award
Similar to the Peacock Award, this honour is bestowed upon the person who just seems to always have the answers. Of course, that doesn’t mean the answers are always right.

Recipients of the Know-It-All Award can rest assured that their colleagues recognize and “appreciate” the contributions they make each and every day when they tell others exactly how it should be done.

Most Likely to Meet Award
Employees usually have a love/hate relationship with their work meetings. Inevitably, there is always that one person that wants to call a meeting to discuss a seemingly trivial issue.

You can recognize this valuable individual with the Most Likely to Meet Award. Take the opportunity to review all of the meeting agendas that you have gone through (and take the liberty of making up a few for good measure).

Present Your Silly Awards in Style
To make your silly awards even more memorable, you can decorate them in the same way you would a real certificate.

There are a variety of materials you can use to present these awards to recipients at your next event. Certificate holders and jackets can be found at your local office supply store.

They are inexpensive and often come with a backing that allows the certificate to be mounted.

You can also use a frame or plaque to decorate your silly awards and certificates! Using a plaque, you can simply have the winning information engraved from Hoult and Hellewell. This creates a truly unique and special award that can be displayed (or not) in the recipient’s office.

These are just a few ideas for silly awards and certificates that you can present to members of your organization. They’re a lighthearted and fun way to poke fun while recognizing that your work or group just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Using plaques and certificate holders lets you create truly authentic awards that can be kept for future memories.

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