Simple Graphic Design Tips That Will Make Your Trophy Better

Trophies have been used for hundreds of years to demonstrate gratitude and pride in this Designing a unique trophy can be quite the challenge but with some knowledge of basic graphic design concepts, creating the perfect award doesn’t have to be a headache.

Unique Style

Every designer should have their own unique style to call upon in order to really make their designs special. The best designers can often be recognized by their work alone with telltale styles and design aspects that reveal something of who created them. While each project you undertake will be unique it is this personal sense of style that will bring structure both to the design and to your work as a whole.

An underrated skill in this day and age, typography is one of the key aspects of good design and often marks the difference between a good designer and a great one. It requires a firm understanding of font families; appropriate use of line-height; kerning; tracking; and clean, readable, well-designed type. While it is almost impossible to know all of the typefaces available, great designers will familiarize themselves with a large portion of the main fonts used for clarity in content.

Letter come in many different shapes and sizes and choosing the right one can play a big role in evoking the correct emotions from the recipient of your awards. It is important not only that they can read the inscription but also that the font chosen has the right weight and style for each award ceremony.

Creative Thinking

Taking a partially formed idea and turning it into something remarkable is the hallmark of a great designer. Discovering and producing images and three dimensional designs based on the thoughts and ideas expressed in words can be a challenge but that is where your creativity comes in to play. Think outside the box in order to come up with something interesting that has never been done before. After all, you don’t want your trophy to look just like another one.


Finally, communication is perhaps one of the most important aspects of good design. Taking an idea and putting it into images or sculpture in order to communicate an intended message requires a firm understanding of the message you are trying to convey. The inscription will help to convey your ultimate message but the basic meaning of the award should be clear from its design alone.

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