Some of Our Favourite Kids Sports Awards

There is no doubt about it, getting kids involved in sports is a great way to teach them the fundamentals rules of life: sharing, teamwork, positive attitude, persistence, and the ups and downs that come along with winning and losing. In short, it is the quick start manual to healthy interactions with classmates, colleagues, and one day spouses and their own offspring. For these reasons, it is imperative as both a parent and a coach to foster positive responses to all players, good or less than good, win or lose, and show some unyielding support along the way so that the kids have fun and remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a game!

A great way to keep your kids interested, reward improvement, and offer words of encouragement are through Sports Awards for the Every Child. These can be simple awards printed off computers and adorned with stickers, cups, trophies, or even plaques. It is best to make sure with young ages to create enough awards to present each child with something that makes them feel good and valued. Here are some creative awards to help get your players recognized for a job well done.

Athletic Awards

Player of the Game—to make the awards stretch further for large teams, consider presenting MVP awards after each game instead often end of the season. Rotate through the roster until all kids have won. It doesn’t have to be for the most goals scored, it can be for best defensive play, offensive play, etc. Recognize all the skill sets necessary to compete in the sport and highlight them once in a while. Other Athletic awards can be most points, most goals, most assists, the list goes on.

Most Improved Player—An award for most improved player instills confidence and can give a deserving athlete recognition for all the hard work they put in over the year. Most house leagues have this award, so if yours doesn’t, make sure to make it a part of year-end gala.

Attitude Awards

Best Sportsmanship—This is essentially an award that recognizes a good attitude towards teammates, the game, and opponents. It helps kids understand the merits of respect and healthy game play. If there is an award for it, the kids will more likely demonstrate a winning attitude! Other Attitude awards can include spirit awards for best team spirit, improvement, drive, etc.

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