The Benefits of Plaques for Academic Awards

From the time we are old enough to kick a ball, swing a bat, or take a slap shot, there is value and importance placed on the athlete, sport, and athletic excellence. In elementary school kids are picked first due to athletic skill in school yard games and athletes are continually favoured in high school popularity contests and collegiate settings alike as kids grow into adults. You walk the halls of any school and the walls are christened with rosters of state champions, trophy cases are abloom with MVPs of this sport and that, and teachers still recount the year that this quarterback took them all the way, or that goalie had a shut out to win the season.

In comparison, academic scholars who work equally if not harder to achieve success on their own turf (the classroom) and succeed with top grades, academic excellence, and early university admittance are hardly garnered in the same light.

It has become evident that the way to continue fostering academic success to recognize and reward choice students for their academic accomplishments and top marks.

Many high schools hold an athletic banquet to hand out awards for recognition of sports accomplishments, why not make the same fuss about academic excellence? A dinner and banquet to recognize those with outstanding marks in sciences, maths, and more could help place value on academic athletes.

Why not reward students with trophies, medals, or plaques outlining successful science fair wins, engineering ideas, and top of the class GPAs?

Academic plaques are useful awards as they can be placed on school walls recognizing successful students in a public eye to encourage other students to strive for academic success. They are beneficial as they can be added to year after year with additional engraving to show the chronological collections of recipients. An added bonus of plaques for academic awards, principally the individual awards that the student can take home, is that they are meant for wall display which can be hung neatly in the scholar’s bedroom or later office space to highlight their scholastic achievements. Academic awards are as important if not more so to shine a light and motivate students to succeed in an area not usually recognized with concrete reward!

Want to celebrate your child’s or student’s scholastic success with a commemorative plaque?

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