The Most Expensive Trophies in Sports

Professional sports are multi-billion dollar industries. From global franchises to jaw-dropping salaries, fans and companies are willing to pay what it takes to see their team make it to the top! When the best teams dominate their franchises, it’s only natural we honour them with the biggest and best trophies in sports.

The Super Bowl Trophy

The famous jeweler Tiffany is commissioned to make this special prize for the National Football League each year. To match the prestige of the Super Bowl, the trophy has several distinct characteristics:

● It towers over typical trophies at nearly 2 feet tall
● The cost of commission surpasses the $50,000 mark
● The trophy requires 4 months to make
● Names of players are engraved to commemorate the game

World Series Trophy

Major League Baseball wraps up each season with the Commissioner’s Trophy. The beautiful award is crowned with 30 flags encircling the edge of it, and the entire thing is gold plated. Underneath is silver, another rare metal, for a total cost of $15,000. A non-gold plated silver baseball rests in the centre, which is intricately covered in 24 baseball stitches and lines for longitude and latitude. Of the awards from the four major sports leagues, the World Series trophy is the most detailed and carefully crafted.

The NBA Championship Trophy

The National Basketball Association Finals concludes with the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. The trophy is life imitating art: A basketball on the rim about to fall through the net. All details are minimally inserted, giving the trophy clean and simple lines. It’s the lightest trophy out of the four major sports awards weighing less than 15 pounds. Also made by Tiffany’s, the Larry O’Brien Trophy costs $13,500.

The Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup has always been associated with royalty. In the beginning, Lord Stanley’s tin bowl was used as an impromptu trophy. Since the 1800’s, the Stanley Cup has grown in size and cost.

● The trophy stands 3 ft high and weighs 35 lbs
● The estimated value is $650,000

The winning team holds the trophy until the following Stanley Cup, and the prestigious award is passed around the team throughout the year. Usually individuals have a mere 24 hour window to share with friends and family!
The sweat and effort that goes into earning the award is what counts. It’s important to have a fitting trophy to match.

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