Tips for Designing an Engraved Logo

One of the best ways to personalize small gifts and items is through the use of engraving.  Engraving is the art of creating designs by cutting grooves into hard surfaces. The traditional process was first invented centuries ago — and was used by various people, including goldsmiths, gunsmiths and artisans. But since then, the practice has undergone a sort of evolution — and traditional methods have been replaced by photographic processes and print machines. 

Many people like to take designs they’ve seen elsewhere and get them engraved into signs, trophies and even jewelry. But if you’re looking for a more personalized touch, you can design your own logos for engraving. However, it’s a good idea to keep in mind certain artistic principles if you do choose to go this route! 

Fight the urge to copy

The main reason you’re creating your own logo is because you couldn’t find a design (or a designer) that delivers exactly what you want! This is all the more reason to avoid imitating another company’s logo. As tough as it is, try to incorporate your own illustrations and unique fonts instead of riffing off someone else’s work. This will bring individuality to the project and increase the value of your overall product.

Make sure design is meaningful

Whether the engraved logo is for your son’s little league or your company’s marketing materials, make sure the creation has some meaning behind it. Come up with patterns that incorporate your firm’s history, or a small symbol that has meaning to all of your son’s teammates. Design experts say logos should have two stories/dialogues behind it: The obvious one and the hidden one. 

Keep logos simple

Although modern-day engraving techniques can incise intricate designs, it is best to keep engraved logos as simple as possible. Cut grooves always look cleaner when they’re kept to a minimum, and fonts should be clear and easy to read. Logos are typically engraved on metal trophies or crystal awards. So keep the size of your design in proportion with the slate on which it will appear.   

At Hoult-Hellewell, our graphics department will ensure that your customized logo is presented in the best way possible. Simply send us your design in anAdobe Illustrator file (.AI or .EPS) and let our staff take care of the rest!  And trophies aren’t the only things we engrave, either. Metal tags, pens and key chains are right up our alley, too!

We can also work with PDF, JPEG (minimum 300 dpi), PNG, TIFF files, though the above are preferred.

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