Top 5 Most Iconic Sports Trophies

Whether it’s the NHL, Little League baseball, or the Premiere Football League, everyone who plays sports has their eye on one prize—the trophy. For years, trophies of all shapes and sizes have represented everything that sports stand for—strength, commitment, focus, sacrifice, and excellence.

Not all trophies are created equal, however. Some of these “tokens of victory” have acquired so much prestige and relevance over the years that today; they are not so much awards, as they are symbols of entire sports.

And so with that being said and no further adieu, we bring you the top 5 most iconic trophies in the world of sports!

5. America’s Cup

This trophy might not be as well-known as other “cups” (cough, Stanley, cough), but the fact that it is the oldest active trophy in sports, gives it a lot of cred in its own right. Originally named the “Royal Yacht Squadron’s Trophy”, it sought after by hundreds of sailors even before the first modern Olympics. It was renamed “America’s Cup” after America, the first yacht to win it won a race around the Isle of Wight in 1851.
4. The Yellow Jersey

Not all trophies have to come in precious metals like silver and gold. Since 1919, “the yellow jersey” has been the most prestigious trophy in the competitive cycling world. After every stage in the Tour de France, the leader gets a yellow jersey. It should be noted however, that he is not considered the winner of the yellow jersey, only the wearer. The leader after the final stage, is the winner.

The yellow jersey became even more prestigious after Lance Armstrong won seven consecutive championships. Though the champion was expunged after his doping controversy, the trophy is still just as iconic.
3. The Lombardi Trophy
The Lombardi Trophy embodies everything that pro football players (and die-hard NFL fans) strive for.

The award was originally named the World Championship Game Trophy, but after legendary coach Vince Lombardi died of Cancer, it was renamed in his offer. The trophy is made by Tiffany & Co, and is presented to the winner of the Super Bowl on the field immediately after the game.
2. The FIFA World Cup Trophy

Even though it’s only awarded once every four years, the FIFA World Cup Trophy might be the most prestigious award across the globe, not only because of football’s (or soccer for the North Americans) worldwide populary, but because of the national pride that comes with it.
1. Stanley Cup

This one should come as no surprise. Awarded to the champion of NHL playoffs every year, every player of the winning team gets his name engraved on the base of the trophy but not before each player skates around the rink with it and gives it the famous “Stanley Cup Kiss”.

Once it’s been engraved, every player also gets to take the trophy home for a full day to do whatever he so choose with it.

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