Trophies and Space: How to Display Your Awards Without Cluttering Your Home

Ceremonies, photos, handshakes give award winners the acknowledgement they deserve! Having peers and your local or professional community recognize personal contributions makes the work worthwhile. Awards are great for the resume and sometimes come with a prize, but what happens after the events wind down? After the fanfare dies, the trophy or medal finds its way home with you.

What do your awards say about you?
Take a look at your awards. Some of them will be more meaningful than others. A childhood certificate can be a token of a memorable personal milestone that some people want to share with their friends and family. Find a spot in your home where you’ll be able to see your accomplishments. Recognition is supposed to acknowledge the work that you’ve done so you can find the highlights when looking back on your life. Some people use their past work to motivate or inspire them in the future. It can also be a great way to boost spirits during rough patches of the week!

Sending the right professional cues
You don’t need a wall of certificates to justify a display of your awards. Taking care in your display suggests a lot about your work ethic and professional attitude, and a crookedly hung diploma from an elite school sends mixed signals. For certificates, always set them in a nice frame. Milestones celebrating smaller accomplishments are good to have, especially if they’re recent. For plaques or other tokens regarding employment anniversaries, only the most recent one needs to be out.

A picture is worth 1,000 words
Scan or photograph your certificates and trophies. Afterwards, you’ll have a digital copy and print copy, too. It’s also a good idea to keep a log of dates and award names. The list may come in handy when submitting biographies or for professional introductions. It may also be a note of interest to your children or younger relatives.

Don’t rush to the garbage just yet
You’re happy with how much your awards have given you, and you’re ready to move on, but the medals and trophies still have value to others. Often, the institute that presented the prize will exhibit past prizes. Educational institutes which you attended may also be interested in celebrating the achievements of alumni. Contact your schools or local communities to see if they’d be interested in housing your awards so your hard work can be inspiration for generations to come!

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